Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Sailor's Legacy

A Sailor's Legacy - Part 1: Obsession
By Dark Phoenix - Email:
Sally idolizes her favorite spinach-eating hero, but wants more...a lot more.

(I ask that everyone reading this for the first time to please read what I
have to say before reading the story further below. It will only take a
minute and is the only time I'll have this much to say before a story.)

***Hello everyone! My name is Kevin and this is my debut story here on Diana
the Valkyrie's website. To be honest, I'm wondering why I didn't do this
sooner. When I got to typing this, I just had this bolt of inspiration strike
me. I found that I could practically live out my fantisies of gorgeous,
superstrong, and supermuscular women through these stories. I must also give
a tip of the hat to Jeremy Wilson, whose stories were the catalyst for my
doing this. I feel he's done a fantastic job at bringing superstrong women to
as close to life as one can get. They really capture the imagination so much
of those who read it, that you can practically play it visually in your head
as you read them. And of course, to all the other authors who use similar
themes in their stories. But for me, it was Jeremy's stories that stood out
the most.

Anyway, now that introductions are in order, let me get down to the
disclaimer. This story and nearly all of my future stories will have a
central theme of women getting turned on by their acquisition or the discovery
of superhuman strength and/or muscles. Spinach will be a plot device in some
of the stories while others will be what-if scenarios from different shows and
even video games containing a female character with an already impressive

Simply put, if reading about women with muscles and strength beyond that of
ordinary and even extraordinary men isn't your thing or it is a turn-off, then
why the heck are you even browsing this website?! But for everyone else who
would relish the thought of a woman turning into a muscle/sex goddess, this is
for you!

Please be aware that while there isn't that much explicit language used, there
is a lot of sexual situations and themes so if you're under the age of 18 or
in other words, are still living with your parents, then you should not be
reading this. But since I can't stop you, you do so at your own risk.

To summarize this story without revealing much; it is a multipart story about
a woman who essentially discovers the effects of spinach, except in real life
and with erotic results. But she'll eventually come to face her destiny as she
becomes the Popeye of a new generation. As of typing this, I'm not sure how
long this story will last. But rest assured, there will be others and I'll do
my best to mix things up everytime. I highly encourage anyone who reads this
to drop an email to let me know what you think. And though I basically will
crank out a story when the right inspiration strikes, it would mean a lot to
me to hear from different people on your comments and even criticisms. I'll do
my best to reply to everyone! And now, on with the story!***


Sally was just an ordinary young woman with an ordinary life. Like many people
her age, she had hopes and dreams she aspired for. And like many people, she
also had her secrets and fantasies. She grew up watching the Popeye cartoons
and really loved seeing the parts when Popeye would eat the spinach and flex
his biceps into gigantic mounds of rock hard muscle. And seeing the various
images that appeared in his biceps was such a turn-on for her, and became more
so the older she got. But of course, she never told or even hinted at any of
this to her parents. It felt like taboo; that if anyone knew this, she would be
shamed and hurt. Even after she moved out on her own, she kept this fantasy to
herself. As long as Popeye aired, she'd be watching it.

One day, after enjoying an especially exciting episode where Popeye flexes a
bicep so big that it shows an image of a nuclear explosion, she came up with a
fun idea. And though she knew nothing would really happen at the time, she
thought, 'Hey, since I live alone, why not indulge this a bit further.'

So she went out to the supermarket and bought several cans of microwave spinach
and several bags of raw spinach. The cashier checking her out, who was a guy,
eyed her a bit weird; but she forced herself not to notice it. After she left,
she immediately went home and put them all in the cabinet; save for one can of
the microwave spinach. She emptied its contents onto a plate and put it in the
microwave and heated it up. Afterward, she took it out and sat down at her
dinner table and ate every bite of it, considering she was hungry anyway.

When she was done, she felt a bit embarrassed by what she was doing, but shook
it off fast, and let her inhibitions fly out the window as she flexed her arms.
Naturally, nothing happened. But having a very active imagination, she imagined
her biceps were growing into titanic proportions. What she also noticed for the
first time, was that the act of flexing her imaginary biceps of steel made her
feel quite aroused. She was gonna have a lot of fun with this.

Days went by. And between work, friends, and sleep, she would watch her fill of
Popeye episodes and eat another can or bag of spinach. And even though her
biceps never sprung to life like her hero, she enjoyed the arousing sensation
of just the act of eating it. She found ways to expand on her little fetish by
pretending to lift things that would be impossible to budge by a normal human.
This went on for several weeks. But like all things, she would eventually start
to obsess over what her imagination couldn't truly duplicate.

After she got off work, she went straight home. She had a lot on her mind, and
it was no surprise that she was frustrated that she could never actually
experience what it would feel like to grow huge bulging biceps. She just knew
that if that could happen, the erotic feeling she felt from her imagining it
would increase ten fold!

She still followed her routine with watching her show everyday. But the feeling
of helplessness over not being able to actually emulate what Popeye could do
eventually pushed her into a bout of rage. She yelled at the top of her lungs,
"Why!? Why can't it be real?!! Why can't I eat spinach and have huge biceps and
be super strong like Popeye?!!!"

She didn't care if any of her neighbors might've heard her. She simply did not
care if anyone heard her at that point. She just didn't care. She knew in a
small way that this could happen, but she wouldn't believe it. Finally, she
just slumped into her bed and burst into tears. For the first time since she
saw her first Popeye cartoon, she felt ashamed of herself. She was glad that
she never had a boyfriend. No guy would want to be around someone like her. And
it wasn't exactly on the top of her priority list anyway. Oh sure, the thought
of going to the gym and lifting weights for those muscles occured to her. But
it just wasn't something she had the motivation to do. It was not how she
wanted to get her muscles. She finally went to sleep swearing that she would
put this nonsense behind her and move on.